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How It Works

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  1. Select a stock symbol

  2. Select time period(s) on chart

  3. See aggregate metrics for selected time period, like volatility, time to new high, drawdown etc.  Checkout our Metrics Guide to know more about aggregation.

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Why Use ChartAgg

More Data Points

Using more data points to asses the price action is better than using a few candles. Like in Machine learning and Data Science, especially in Deep Learning, more data usually leads to better prediction. Therefore using aggregate metrics on technical charts is likely to provide a better technical analysis of the trend 

Higher Fidelity Signals

More data dampens the noise in a signal resulting in a higher fidelity signal. With aggregated price action metrics, the technical analysis signals will have a higher fidelity, leading to more alpha in the stock market

Ease of Use

ChartAgg tool makes it easy to view aggregate technical metrics. Select a stock symbol, select the start and end of the period you wish to view aggregate metrics for, and voilà. ChartAgg tool supports various aggregate metrics like time to new high, volatility, RSI. We are constantly adding more

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